Delivering Products with Market Needs in Mind & Drivers in Heart

Geely “A New Generation of Chinese Cars Introduced to Egypt by GB Auto

For the past 65 years GB Auto has made its way to the leadership port through delivering automotive products with market needs in mind and drivers in heart. GB Auto believes that the car isn’t only a transportation vehicle, but a life partner, and driven by this belief GB Auto has been always keen to deliver to the Egyptian market what better suits its needs and exceeds its expectations.


GB Auto, the Automotive World‘s Most Trusted Name

The leading position that GB Auto acquires in the market, and the strategy it adopts of bringing market products with the best value for money and most advanced after-sales services have made GB Auto the automotive world’s most trusted name and lead it to winning many representations. And the last was obtaining exclusive distribution rights for Geely cars in Egypt.


Trusted Name that Represents Trusted Partners

GB Auto “The Chinese Ambassador in Egypt” is famed for bringing the Egyptian market the best of China. When Geely decided to introduce to the world a new generation of Chinese cars that is considered a total redefining of the Chinese car concept, GB Auto had to bring this concept to Egypt. Geely, the company that signed the birth certificate of a new generation of Chinese cars, was first founded in 1997, and was then famed for developing a unique, flexible business strategy which quickly allowed it to become one of the top 10 Chinese car manufacturers worldwide. The strategy wasn’t the only reason of Geely’s famous name, but also its unsurpassed quality as company’s Emgrand MC8 model is one of the safest and most popular Chinese cars on the market; in 2010, it received a five-star rating from the Chinese New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP), and its total score of 49.6 points remains the highest ever attained by Chinese proprietary auto brands. The company’s profile encompasses nearly 1,000 service centers and 1,000 spare parts and accessories outlets, in addition to 200 service and sales centers abroad. The company also owns various institutes and centers worldwide specialized in car technology research and manned by a team of 17,000 engineers, academics, experts and researchers. Their tireless efforts and hard work have contributed greatly to the development of the Geely brand, allowing Geely become one the world’s most successful Chinese car manufacturers.


The New Generation Ambassadors Conquers the Egyptian Market

Geely has sent through GB Auto 3 ambassadors to conquer the Egyptian market and to be a living proof of its new concept. These 3 ambassadors are:


The Elegant Emgrand 7


The elegant EMGRAND 7 has brought the myth of elegant cars equal expensive rates to an end. As the elegant EMGRAND 7 enjoys a very elegant look with a very competitive price. Elegance and money value aren’t the only advantages that EMGRAND 7 has for its driver, as the car also offers high safety standards that qualified it to receive the Euro NCAP.


The Cozy Pandinos

The only statement that is capable of describing the Pandino family is “You will be surprised “the small size of the cozy pandinos gives its driver an impression that it has few to offer. But, its drivers get really surprised when they explore the unlimited offerings of this cozy car. The first surprise of the cozy Pandino was its success in getting 5 stars in the C-NCAP. Its second surprise was breaking the rule that says that any small car doesn’t enjoy much stability.  The cozy Pandino is also the prefect choice for countries with massive traffic, and the ideal choice for those who are starting their life journey as its very gas effective.


Why Do We Call It A New Generation?

Drivers around the world related the Chinese cars competitive prices to its limited offerings and modest quality. This new generation will alter this perception and redefine the meaning of Chinese cars through offering competitive prices with the international standards of safety and quality.