Geely Knocking on the Doors of the United Kingdom


Geely Knocking on the Doors of the United Kingdom


Part of the excellent technological progress made by Geely in recent years, the Group’s Geely EC7 model will be launched on the UK market, having achieved a 4-star rating during the Euro-NCAP safety tests


The Geely Group has announced that it has entered into an international agreement with UK-based engineering firm Manganese Bronze Holdings (MBH) to distribute the Geely EC7 model in the UK from late 2012, allowing Geely to tap into the highly lucrative UK passenger car market.


The China-based car manufacturer has achieved, through a combination of its own recent technological leaps and astute Government policies aimed at promoting the country’s automotive industry abroad, some stunning successes in recent years which have attracted the attention of many of those following developments in the global automotive industry.


MBH, which becomes the official distributor of the Geely EC7 in the UK as a result of the partnership, will establish a local distribution network while also supplying parts and offering a wide range of customer services for EC7 owners including after sales services and maintenance.


Two EC7 models will be launched simultaneously in the UK: A four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback, each with a choice of 1.5 L and 1.8 L gasoline engines for customer choice.


Europe’s high standards and rigorous requirements for the safety performance of vehicles have in the past proven insurmountable obstacles to many Chinese independent automakers attempting to enter the European market. The launch of the EC7 in the UK therefore marks a watershed moment for Chinese automakers, with the model achieving brilliant results on the Euro-NCAP safety tests, achieving a four-star rating with a total score of 87 points, even outperforming renowned European models such as the SAIC MG 6 and the Renault Fluence ZE.


The EC7 not only boasts active and passive safety performance requirements, but also meets a series of rigorous European requirements for environmental protection such as the Euro V emission standards and material recovery regulations. It is this outstanding performance by the EC7 that has allowed Geely to finally find the breakthrough into the European market which it has been longing for.


Geely achieved substantial export volumes of 40,000 vehicles in 2011, up 120% Y-o-Y. With this strong forward momentum in mind, Geely has mapped out an ambitious export plan for 2012, which will see it exporting the EC7 to various countries with special priority given to the UK market.


With the launch of the EC7 on the UK market, Geely hopes to use this as a launching pad into the European market, allowing it to fulfill its aims of winning the confidence of the European consumer and offering only the highest quality, truly world class vehicles.