About Ghabbour:

For the past 65 years Ghabbour Egypt has made a name for itself by delivering automotive products with the Egyptian market needs in mind and its drivers in heart. Ghabbour Egypt believes that the car isn’t only a transportation vessel, but a life partner. Ghabbour Egypt is the most trusted name in the automotive industry which lead it to obtain exclusive distribution rights for Geely cars in Egypt. The reason behind its fame is the combination it adopts of bringing market products with not only the best value for money but also the most advanced after-sales services. Thus, when Geely decided to introduce a new generation of Chinese cars in Egypt that totally redefines the Chinese car concept, GB Ghabbour auto was the perfect partner; so it goes without saying that when 2 giants in the automotive industry decide to unite, the perfect match will be the only outcome.

About Geely?

Geely was first founded in 1997, and is famed for developing unique, flexible business strategies, making it one of the most popular Chinese cars in the market. The company’s profile encompasses nearly 1,000 service centers and 1,000 spare parts and accessories outlets, in addition to 200 service and sale centers abroad. The company also owns various institutes and centers worldwide specialized in car technology research. Their tireless efforts and hard work have contributed greatly to the development of the Geely brand, allowing it to become one of the world’s most successful Chinese car manufacturers. It is worth mentioning that Geely has bought and owned the Swedish car maker Volvo in 2010, making it the first deal in history for a Chinese car maker to own a foreign car maker company; in addition, Geely owns other companies like the British taxi maker London Black cab and holds many stakes for other companies like the British Lotus sports carmaker.

Awards worth mentioning

The name speaks for itself with Geely’s international ratings. In 2010, it received a five-star rating from the Chinese New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP), and ranking sixth among the entire 147 models that have previously undergone these tests. Continuing with its major breakthroughs, the Geely EC7 — was awarded a four-star rating European New Car Assessment Program (Euro-NCAP) safety collision tests, with a total score of 89 points — the best score ever achieved by a Chinese auto maker. At the 2017 “China Heart” top ten engine award ceremony, Geely’s new independently developed 1.4L JLB-4G14T turbocharged engine won unanimously the “China Heart” top ten engine award.