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Daimler, Geely form joint venture to develop Smart brand

Cairo, Egypt - April 1, 2019- Cairo, Egypt - April 1, 2019- German automaker Daimler AG and China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group announced the formation of a joint venture to operate and develop small-car brand “Smart” globally as a leader in premium-electric vehicles.

Geely Imperial Technical Training in Egypt

In support of launching Geely Imperial in the Egyptian market, GB Ghabbour Auto & GEELY Automobile International Corporation (GAIC) has organized a technical training for 16 technicians from the company’s service centers.

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Name: Shoubra Outlet

Phone: 01066604645 /From 09:00 AM  To  08:00 PM Sunday From 9:00 To 5:00

Address: 261 Shoubra st, Elkhalafawey

Name: Faisal outlet

Phone: 01066604604 / Working days From 9:00 AM  To  08:00 PM Sunday From 9:00 To 5:00

Address: 373 Faisal st,Giza

Name: Luxor Outlet

Phone: 01029962402/ Working hours From 10:00 AM  To  05:00 PM

Address: Television st in front of international hospital- Luxor

Name: Golden Auto Service

Phone: 01144083939

Address: Cairo El Matria

Name: Technology Center

Phone: 02/26633556 -02/26972327 -0100 / 2095953-0100/8240005

Address: Cairo Herafien

Name: AlAmer

Phone: 010/33800553

Address: Giza El Haram

Name: Global

Phone: 011/11222106

Address: Cairo alzzawiat alhamra

Name: GB Assuit service center


Address: Intersection of Assuit and Bany Ghaleb - beside Assuit cement club

Name: GB Express Portsaid


Address: Shohadaa street( Mohamed Ali ) next to portsaid international academy, inside Portsaid Wattnya gas station

Name: GB Express Zagazig


Address: Belbis el Zagazig road beside traffic department, inside Wattnya gas station

Name: GB Express - Luxor


Address: Nile gas station – new Tiba city entrance – Luxor Saturday to Wednesday: from 9:00 to 13:30, and from 18:00 to 22:00 Thursday & Friday: off.

Name: Abu Rawash Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: KM.28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road - Industrial Zone- Abu Rawash

Name: Mohandseen Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: 15th Ahmed Orabi Street – Mohandesin

Name: Alexandria Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Unit No. 2 - the International Garden fence – in front of Police Hospital - the Downtown – in front of Alexandria Entrance

Name: Mahkama

Phone: 16661

Address: 28 Abu Bakr El Sedik St. - Mahkama - Heliopolis

Name: Abbasia Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: St. no. 4 Al Tarabishi Factory - Cairo - in front of Abbasia Workers University

Name: Wafaa wel Amal Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Ahmed El Zomor St. - Beside El Salama Mosque and Wataneya Gas Station - 10th District - Nasr City

Name: Katamya Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Ring Road, Katameya, Third district, New Cairo

Name: El Bahr El Azam

Phone: 16661

Address: 264 Bahr Azam St. Giza

Name: Faisal

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 El Shahid Ahmed Hamdy St., Al Saa’a Square, beside Al Haram District, Talbia, Faisal

Name: 6th October

Phone: 16661

Address: 6th October, End of Ring Road, Wahat Road, Wataneya Gas Station

Name: Semouha

Phone: 16661

Address: 10 Albert El-Awel st., Semoha Alexandria

Name: Damietta

Phone: 16661

Address: 94 Central Area Mubarak St., New Damietta

Name: Al Mansoura

Phone: 16661

Address: 1 Al Iskandar al Makdouny, from Qanat al Swees St, Mansoura, Dakahlia

Name: Zagazig

Phone: 16661

Address: 46 Saad Zaghloul, next to the united bank, infront of Sharqiyah station, Zagazig, Sharqiyah

Name: Port Said

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 Al Shorta towers - Mohamed Ali Street - Port Said

Name: Mercato Sharm El Sheikh

Phone: 16661

Address: Mercato St. Beside Arab African Bank - Hadaba - Sharm El Sheikh

Name: Suez

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 9 Suez Sokhna Road

Name: Assiut

Phone: 16661

Address: 71 Osman Ibn Afan st. Agaar Tower - Al Zahraa - assiut

Name: Aswan

Phone: 16661

Address: 149 Kornish El Nil St. Aswan

Name: Hurghada

Phone: 16661

Address: 18 Stadium Shops - Nasr Road - In front of Zahran

Name: Luxor

Phone: 16661

Address: The Televesion St, in front of Luxor international hospital

Name: Qena

Phone: 16661

Address: Nile Tours Tower Kornishe El Nil, Dandara Bridge St. Qena

Name: Sohag Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: District 158, Akhmeem Rd. intersection with the new Sohag bridge Rd., Akhmeem city, Sohag

Name: Damanhour

Phone: 16661

Address: El Shehab Tower - Abdel Salam El Shazly - Damanhour - Behira

Name: El Mahala Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: 31 6 october St Mahala

Name: Kalioub Km3

Phone: 16661

Address: Cairo Alexandria Agriculture Road - Km 3 - Qalioub

Name: Menoufeya

Phone: 16661

Address: Last Galaa Elbahri Street in front of the mosque EL Zakren

Name: Tanta

Phone: 16661

Address: Zahana tower- el geesh street - Ahmed basha el menshawi street corner

Name: Abu Rawash Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 28 –Cairo-Alex Dessert Road- Abu Rawash

Name: Katamya Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Ring Road, Katameya, Third district, New Cairo

Name: GB Qaluib K3 service center

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 Kilo Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road, Qalyoub

Name: Al Amriaa Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Kilo 29-30 Cairo-Alex Desert road - next to the village of Hani - in front of the Free Zone

Name: Suez Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 9 Suez-Ain AL-Sokhna Road

Name: El Minya Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: 24 & 25 Block C Service Center Metahra Industrial Zone - East Nile - New Minya.

Name: Sohag Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Kilo 5, Sohag Assuit agriculture road, after Hamadia village.

Name: Hurghada Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Industrial Zone- Al Nagda Road Behind Juhayna

Name: Sharm Elshikh Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: El Noor district, No.58, beside Mobil gas station, El Salam road

Name: GB Express - Port Said

Phone: 16661

Address: El Shohada St., previously Mohamed Ali St. beside Port Said International Academy, Inside Wataneya Gas Station, Port Said.

Name: GB Express - Mansoura

Phone: 16661

Address: 2 Mahmoud shahin St. Behind Faculty of Specific Education Mansoura University Inside Wataneya Gas Station - Mansoura.

Name: GB Express - Zagazig

Phone: 16661

Address: 1 Belbeis Zagazig Road Beside Zagazig Traffic Management Inside Wataneya Gas Station - Zagazig

Name: Al Safa

Phone: 01223106033 - 24153353

Address: No. 32, Mohamed Ebid St., El Sabaa Omarat

Name: Pharaohs

Phone: 26383888 - 26385333 - 01225694444

Address: No. 77, El Montazah St., El Fatth Mosque, Heliopolis (Geely)

Name: Abo Hetta

Phone: 01065528551-086/7828885

Address: 10th of Ramadan St., next to the unit Bani Mazar passage

Name: Geyushi Motors

Phone: 19927

Address: No. 61, Abd El Kader Taha St., El Sahel, Shobra

Name: Al Ghalban Auto Trading Co.

Phone: 19025

Address: Building 11, Kilo 19, Misr Ismalia Desert Rd., Hikestep, Al Salam Station

Name: United Auto Trading Company, import and export (Al Khayal)

Phone: 01099927790 / 0223610707

Address: No. 897, Kornish El Neel St.

Name: Hindawi Group

Phone: 01222101076 - 01146886666

Address: Block 11, No. 86, Sector 13, Zahraa el Maadi

Name: First One Car

Phone: 26397788 - 26399874

Address: No. 62, Elhegaz St., Heliopolis

Name: Al Shaher Company for Automotive Trading

Phone: 1222167507

Address: Al Sadat St., near El Mohandseen Club in front of El Nile Park

Name: Nahdet Masr (EL kadi)

Phone: 015360353 - 015367627

Address: 10th of Ramadan, entrance of Industrial Zone B1 in front of EPCO pharmaceutical company

Name: Al Haytham for Trading and Distribution

Phone: 38369991/2

Address: Farrag Center, Al Mehwar Al Markazi, 6th of October

Name: Creation Automotive

Phone: 25250082/3- 01126156666

Address: 68, 104 st, Maadi

Name: B Auto For Cars Trading

Phone: 25174556 - 25173082

Address: 2/2 Al Lasilki st.

Name: Al Masoud Trading

Phone: 33043200 / 25198383

Address: 209, 26 July st., Sphinx Square

Name: Masters Automotive

Phone: 22757652 / 24051626

Address: 3 Ibn Hani EL Andalosi st., from El Taiaran st., Nasr City

Name: United Trade Corp

Phone: .35857088 -35856752

Address: 2 ramzy Farag st.,Hassan Moh.Station, Haram, Giza

Name: Almohandes

Phone: 3837 1755 Fax:3837 2011

Address: October HouseMall in front of Misr University for Sience &Technology, Entrance of Distinguished District

Name: Al Masreya

Phone: 26906053 / 22915236

Address: 4 El Marwa Buildings, Ahmed Tayseer st, from El Merghany st.,Heliopolis

Name: El Dawleya trading

Phone: 22907044 / 22905135

Address: 9 Othman Ibn Affan st,Salah El Din Square,Heliopolis

Name: Platinum auto

Phone: 29703609/13

Address: El Maadi Autostrad, Telecom Egypt Buildings, El Mokattam street 9, in front of Caltex

Name: Prestige Car

Phone: 33464585

Address: 12 Abou El Maati st., Agouza

Name: Hassan Waly and partners

Phone: 24534668 / 24528375

Address: 2A El Khalifa El Maamoun st, Heliopolis

Name: El Leithy auto group

Phone: 16227

Address: 9 Ismail El Kabbany st., El Taiaran st, Nasr City

Name: Al Tarek

Phone: 19850

Address: No. 4, Mohamed Amen Shehab from El horiya Mostafa Kamel Rd., Alexandria

Name: Al Ashraaf Motors

Phone: 033902555 - 033928632

Address: No. 4, Soliman Yousry St., El Shorta Buildings, El Atareen, Alexandria

Name: Shokrano Co. for Trading and Importing

Phone: 35724468

Address: No. 29, Gamela Abou Hred, Al seyouf, Al Saaeh Square, Alexandria

Name: Ramsis Trade and Import

Phone: 035907005/6 0100051676

Address: 188, El Horeya Rd, El Ibrahimia, Alexandria

Name: El Rizk auto trading

Phone: 034294626 01065547363

Address: 17 Victor Emanouil st, Showroom No.4,beside Toyota ElRezk, Smouha, Alexandria

Name: M Auto (Sayed Mekkawy)

Phone: 01064511145 - 01065099039

Address: Kilo 44, Cairo Alex Desert Rd., Abou El Matamer, Beheira

Name: Sabeq Institution for Trading Exporting and Importing

Phone: 045/3348881

Address: Galal Korattam St., Damanhour - Shobra

Name: New Shereen Car

Phone: 02-24190095 / 04-72562785

Address: Ard El Moftah, Desouk

Name: El Kafrawy Car Agencies

Phone: 055/2304487- 055/2338441

Address: 36 El Galaa st, Zagazig, El Sharkeya

Name: El Mesallamy-Egypt Automotive For Trade & Agencies

Phone: 0552306160 - 012-11138814

Address: Zagazig, EL Sharkeya, Egypt

Name: General Automotive

Phone: 040-3357802 01000092305 040-3410637/8 040-9112336/7

Address: Borg El Masreyeen El Fatih st. (in front of El Gomla Market Station)

Name: General Automotive

Phone: 040-3357802/ 0403410637

Address: 42 El Fateh st, Borg El Zohour, Tanta

Name: El Zaytoon Auto-Mall

Phone: 047-3248484 / 010-62231010

Address: Taaseem El Reweny, in front of Stadium Gate

Name: El Kamouny

Phone: 0402236503 – 0402235799

Address: El Gaish st, El Mahala

Name: Ahmed Motors

Phone: 502217030

Address: El Ter3a st in front of Mostashfa El Sadr, Borg El Reda, Al Mansoura

Name: El Hawy Automotive

Phone: 01066638581 /01012241451/ 0643367070

Address: 72 Sheben El Kom st, Ismailia

Name: IFG Trading

Phone: 062/3318462 - 062/3318414

Address: 42 Al Madina Al riyadiya, Al Mahroussa, Suez

Name: Fire Bird

Phone: 010-68055555 -010-26800000

Address: 42 Taha Hussein st, Ard El Sultan, El Minya

Name: Abaza Auto Trade

Phone: 16876

Address: El Matar Rd, In front of Hurghada International Airport, Hurghada

Name: National Motors-Egypt

Phone: 088-2288971/ 088-2288972

Address: 8 El Mesaha st, Assiut

Name: Al Abyad Automotive For Car Trading

Phone: 010-01598814

Address: Al Karnak Street, near Hilton Hotel, Luxor

Name: Wahdan Service Center


Address: 51 El-Maragy St. El-Agouza Giza

Name: Modern Service Center


Address: 14 Joseph Tito st, El New Nozha - behind Cairo airport ,Heliopolis,Cairo

Name: EGY Auto Service Center


Address: Tanta - Defra Highway Km 84 as Cairo / Alexandria Agricultural

Name: Elite Auto Service Center


Address: Quesna / Shebin el koum road (Tariq Gihan)

Name: New Car Service Center


Address: Ismailia - Nefisha - next to the condominium hope

Name: El Masria Service Center


Address: Damietta - Port Said - Kafr Azb

Name: Sudan Outlet

Phone: 01000151324 / Working hours From 9:00 AM  To  05:00 PM Sunday From 9:00 To 5:00

Address: 415 Sudan st

Name: Tawfikiya outlet

Phone: 1023782233/ Working hours From 09:00 AM  To  08:00 PM Sunday From 9:00 To 5:00

Address: 4 Zaky St.- downtown- Tawfekia

Name: Miami Outlet

Phone: 01281555593/ Working Days From 10:00 AM  To  06:00 PM

Address: Alex, Gamal Abd Elnasser St.

Name: SalahELdin Outlet

Phone: 01281555594 / Working Days From 09:00 AM  To  08:00 PM Sunday From 9:00 To 5:00

Address: Alex, Salah ELdin St.

Name: Tanta outlet

Phone: 01000368213 /Working hours From 10:00 AM  To  05:00 PM  / Days off:Friday

Address: 10Saied st from al Galaa

Name: Shebin Elkom outlet

Phone: 01270817613  Daily from 9:00 AM Till 8:00 PM except Friday off.

Address: Al haramein Tower- Stadium St, Shebin Elkom

Name: Mansoura outlet

Phone: 01063166602/ Working hoursFrom 10:00 AM  To  08:00 PM Sunday From 10:00 To 5:00/Days off: Friday

Address: Qanat Suez st,Mansoura

Name: El Rizk Commercial company

Phone: 0035913909

Address: Zakareya Ghoneim, Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri WA Sidi Gaber, Qism Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate

Name: Badr Group

Phone: 0122 3459075 - 012 84650380

Address: Near Mit Ghamr - Zefta Bridge, Zefta, Dakahlia Governorate

Name: Aswan outlet

Phone: 01000247146 /Working hours From 10:00 AM  To  05:00 PM /Days off: Friday

Address: Block 149 - Cornish St - Aswan

Name: Al Burqan


Address: الحمراية شرق النيل - بجوار كوبرى شرق

Name: Al Adawy


Address: قرية ميت عساس مركز سمنود منتصف طريق المحلة

Name: El Beshlawy


Address: الطريق الزراعى بجوار الدفاع المدنى - دمنهور

Name: Mola Car


Address: منطقة 3 - المدينة الصناعية الجديدة أسوان

Name: Al Farouk


Address: بجوار محطة مترو الزهراء أسفل الطريق الدائرى

Name: El Herafy K7 (body)

Phone: 16661

Address: Qalioub Kilo 7 Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road from the slow road