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In cooperation with Misr El Kheir GB Ghabbour Auto ensures Iftar for neediest in marginalized areas in Luxor and Aswan

In cooperation with Misr El Kheir GB Ghabbour Auto ensures Iftar for neediest in marginalized areas in Luxor and Aswan

GB Auto Celebrates the Commission of Geely Emgrand7 Assembly Line in Egypt

Chinese Minister, Geely Group General Manager and Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry among attendees

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Name: Assiut

Phone: 16661

Address: 71 Osman Ibn Afan st. Agaar Tower - Al Zahraa - assiut

Name: Damietta

Phone: 16661

Address: 94 Central Area Mubarak St., New Damietta

Name: Qena

Phone: 16661

Address: Nile Tours Tower Kornishe El Nil, Dandara Bridge St. Qena

Name: Damanhour

Phone: 16661

Address: El Shehab Tower - Abdel Salam El Shazly - Damanhour - Behira

Name: Mercato Sharm El Sheikh

Phone: 16661

Address: Mercato St. Beside Arab African Bank - Hadaba - Sharm El Sheikh

Name: Hurghada

Phone: 16661

Address: 18 Stadium Shops - Nasr Road - In front of Zahran

Name: Semouha

Phone: 16661

Address: 10 Albert El-Awel st., Semoha Alexandria

Name: Aswan

Phone: 16661

Address: 149 Kornish El Nil St. Aswan

Name: El Mahala Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: 31 6 october St Mahala

Name: Suez

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 9 Suez Sokhna Road

Name: 6th October

Phone: 16661

Address: 6th October, End of Ring Road, Wahat Road, Wataneya Gas Station

Name: Mahkama

Phone: 16661

Address: 28 Abu Bakr El Sedik St. - Mahkama - Heliopolis

Name: Katamya Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Ring Road, Katameya, Third district, New Cairo

Name: Aswan outlet

Phone: 1091115164

Address: Cornish St

Name: Asyut outlet

Phone: 1009057805

Address: 71 Osman Ben Affan St., Zahraa, Feryal Area

Name: Mansoura outlet

Phone: 1063166602

Address: Qanat Suez st,Mansoura

Name: SalahELdin Outlet

Phone: 1281555594

Address: Alex, Salah ELdin St.

Name: Sudan Outlet/coming soon

Phone: 0

Address: 415 Sudan st

Name: Tanta outlet

Phone: 1229544468

Address: Elgish st,Tanta

Name: Tawfikiya outlet

Phone: 1023782233

Address: 4 Zaky St., Tawfekia

Name: Shebin Elkom outlet

Phone: 1270817613

Address: Stadium St, Shebin Elkom

Name: Damanhur outlet

Phone: 1013804681

Address: Abdel-Slam Shazly St., Damanhur

Name: Miami Outlet

Phone: 1281555593

Address: Alex, Gamal Abd Elnasser St.

Name: Al Safa

Phone: 01223106033 - 24153353

Address: No. 32, Mohamed Ebid St., El Sabaa Omarat

Name: Pharaohs

Phone: 26383888 - 26385333 - 01225694444

Address: No. 77, El Montazah St., El Fatth Mosque, Heliopolis (Geely)

Name: Abo Hetta

Phone: 01065528551-086/7828885

Address: 10th of Ramadan St., next to the unit Bani Mazar passage

Name: Geyushi Motors

Phone: 19927

Address: No. 61, Abd El Kader Taha St., El Sahel, Shobra

Name: Al Ghalban Auto Trading Co.

Phone: 19025

Address: Building 11, Kilo 19, Misr Ismalia Desert Rd., Hikestep, Al Salam Station

Name: Al Ghalban Auto Trading Co.

Phone: 19025

Address: Building 11, Kilo 19, Misr Ismalia Desert Rd., Hikestep, Al Salam Station

Name: M Auto (Sayed Mekkawy)

Phone: 01064511145 - 01065099039

Address: Kilo 44, Cairo Alex Desert Rd., Abou El Matamer, Beheira

Name: Al Tarek

Phone: 19850

Address: No. 4, Mohamed Amen Shehab from El horiya Mostafa Kamel Rd., Alexandria

Name: United Auto Trading Company, import and export (Al Khayal)

Phone: 01099927790 / 0223610707

Address: No. 897, Kornish El Neel St.

Name: Sabeq Institution for Trading Exporting and Importing

Phone: 045/3348881

Address: Galal Korattam St., Damanhour - Shobra

Name: Al Ashraaf Motors

Phone: 033902555 - 033928632

Address: No. 4, Soliman Yousry St., El Shorta Buildings, El Atareen, Alexandria

Name: Shokrano Co. for Trading and Importing

Phone: 35724468

Address: No. 29, Gamela Abou Hred, Al seyouf, Al Saaeh Square, Alexandria

Name: Hindawi Group

Phone: 01222101076 - 01146886666

Address: Block 11, No. 86, Sector 13, Zahraa el Maadi

Name: First One Car

Phone: 26397788 - 26399874

Address: No. 62, Elhegaz St., Heliopolis

Name: Al Shaher Company for Automotive Trading

Phone: 1222167507

Address: Al Sadat St., near El Mohandseen Club in front of El Nile Park

Name: Abaza Auto Trade

Phone: 16876

Address: El Matar Rd, In front of Hurghada International Airport, Hurghada

Name: National Motors-Egypt

Phone: 088-2288971/ 088-2288972

Address: 8 El Mesaha st, Assiut

Name: Al Abyad Automotive For Car Trading

Phone: 010-01598814

Address: Al Karnak Street, near Hilton Hotel, Luxor

Name: Fire Bird

Phone: 010-68055555 -010-26800000

Address: 42 Taha Hussein st, Ard El Sultan, El Minya

Name: New Shereen Car

Phone: 02-24190095 / 04-72562785

Address: Ard El Moftah, Desouk

Name: El Kafrawy Car Agencies

Phone: 055/2304487- 055/2338441

Address: 36 El Galaa st, Zagazig, El Sharkeya

Name: El Mesallamy-Egypt Automotive For Trade & Agencies

Phone: 055\2306160 - 012-11138814

Address: Zagazig, EL Sharkeya, Egypt

Name: IFG Trading

Phone: 062/3318462 - 062/3318414

Address: 42 Al Madina Al riyadiya, Al Mahroussa, Suez

Name: Nahdet Masr (EL kadi)

Phone: 015360353 - 015367627

Address: 10th of Ramadan, entrance of Industrial Zone B1 in front of EPCO pharmaceutical company

Name: Al Haytham for Trading and Distribution

Phone: 38369991/2

Address: Farrag Center, Al Mehwar Al Markazi, 6th of October

Name: Creation Automotive

Phone: 25250082/3- 01126156666

Address: 68, 104 st, Maadi

Name: B Auto For Cars Trading

Phone: 25174556 - 25173082

Address: 2/2 Al Lasilki st.

Name: Al Masoud Trading

Phone: 33043200 / 25198383

Address: 209, 26 July st., Sphinx Square

Name: Ramsis Trade and Import

Phone: 035907005/6 0100051676

Address: 188, El Horeya Rd, El Ibrahimia, Alexandria

Name: General Automotive

Phone: 040-3357802 01000092305 040-3410637/8 040-9112336/7

Address: Borg El Masreyeen El Fatih st. (in front of El Gomla Market Station)

Name: General Automotive

Phone: 040-3357802/ 0403410637

Address: 42 El Fateh st, Borg El Zohour, Tanta

Name: Masters Automotive

Phone: 22757652 / 24051626

Address: 3 Ibn Hani EL Andalosi st., from El Taiaran st., Nasr City

Name: United Trade Corp

Phone: .35857088 -35856752

Address: 2 ramzy Farag st.,Hassan Moh.Station, Haram, Giza

Name: Almohandes

Phone: 3837 1755 Fax:3837 2011

Address: October HouseMall in front of Misr University for Sience &Technology, Entrance of Distinguished District

Name: Al Masreya

Phone: 26906053 / 22915236

Address: 4 El Marwa Buildings, Ahmed Tayseer st, from El Merghany st.,Heliopolis

Name: El Hawy Automotive

Phone: 01066638581 /01012241451/ 0643367070

Address: 72 Sheben El Kom st, Ismailia

Name: El Zaytoon Auto-Mall

Phone: 047-3248484 / 010-62231010

Address: Taaseem El Reweny, in front of Stadium Gate

Name: El Dawleya trading

Phone: 22907044 / 22905135

Address: 9 Othman Ibn Affan st,Salah El Din Square,Heliopolis

Name: El Kamouny

Phone: 0402236503 – 0402235799

Address: El Gaish st, El Mahala

Name: Platinum auto

Phone: 29703609/13

Address: El Maadi Autostrad, Telecom Egypt Buildings, El Mokattam street 9, in front of Caltex

Name: Prestige Car

Phone: 33464585

Address: 12 Abou El Maati st., Agouza

Name: Ahmed Motors

Phone: 502217030

Address: El Ter3a st in front of Mostashfa El Sadr, Borg El Reda, Al Mansoura

Name: El Rizk auto trading

Phone: 034294626 01065547363

Address: 17 Victor Emanouil st, Showroom No.4,beside Toyota ElRezk, Smouha, Alexandria

Name: Hassan Waly and partners

Phone: 24534668 / 24528375

Address: 2A El Khalifa El Maamoun st, Heliopolis

Name: El Leithy auto group

Phone: 16227

Address: 9 Ismail El Kabbany st., El Taiaran st, Nasr City

Name: El Bahr El Azam

Phone: 16661

Address: رقم 264، شارع البحر الأعظم، الجيزة

Name: Sohag Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: District 158, Akhmeem Rd. intersection with the new Sohag bridge Rd., Akhmeem city, Sohag

Name: Abbasia Showroom

Phone: 16661 - 01202209055 - 01202209053 - 0226821531

Address: St. no. 4 Al Tarabishi Factory - Cairo - in front of Abbasia Workers University

Name: Menoufeya

Phone: 16661

Address: Last Galaa Elbahri Street in front of the mosque EL Zakren

Name: Luxor

Phone: 16661

Address: The Televesion St, in front of Luxor international hospital

Name: Assiut

Phone: 16661

Address: 71 Othman Ben Affan Zahra - Ferial Assiut

Name: Al Mansoura

Phone: 16661

Address: 1 Al Iskandar al Makdouny, from Qanat al Swees St, Mansoura, Dakahlia

Name: Qaliyub

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 Kilo Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road, Qalyoub

Name: Tanta

Phone: 16661

Address: Zahana tower- el geesh street - Ahmed basha el menshawi street corner

Name: Hurghada

Phone: 0659201070 - 0165515178 - 0165548809

Address: 18 Mahalat Al Stade – Al Nasr Road

Name: Zagazig

Phone: 16661

Address: 46 Saad Zaghloul, next to the united bank, infront of Sharqiyah station, Zagazig, Sharqiyah

Name: Port Said

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 Al Shorta towers - Mohamed Ali Street - Port Said

Name: Faisal

Phone: 16661

Address: 3 El Shahid Ahmed Hamdy St., Al Saa’a Square, beside Al Haram District, Talbia, Faisal

Name: Abu Rawash Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: KM.28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road - Industrial Zone- Abu Rawash

Name: Wafaa wel Amal Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Ahmed El Zomor St. - Beside El Salama Mosque and Wataneya Gas Station - 10th District - Nasr City

Name: Alexandria Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: Unit No. 2 - the International Garden fence – in front of Police Hospital - the Downtown – in front of Alexandria Entrance

Name: Mohandseen Showroom

Phone: 16661

Address: 15th Ahmed Orabi Street – Mohandesin

Name: Sohag Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Kilo 5, Sohag Assuit agriculture road, after Hamadia village.

Name: Suez Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 9 Suez-Ain AL-Sokhna Road

Name: Assiut Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Airport Road next to Assiut cement club

Name: Hurghada Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Industrial Zone- Al Nagda Road Behind Juhayna

Name: Sharm Elshikh Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: El Noor district, No.58, beside Mobil gas station, El Salam road

Name: Elite Auto Service Center


Address: Quesna / Shebin el koum road (Tariq Gihan)

Name: El Masria Service Center


Address: Damietta - Port Said - Kafr Azb

Name: Qaliub Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 7 – Cairo-Alex Agriculture Road

Name: Abu Rawash Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Km 28 –Cairo-Alex Dessert Road- Abu Rawash

Name: Al Amriaa Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Kilo 29-30 Cairo-Alex Desert road - next to the village of Hani - in front of the Free Zone

Name: Katamya Service Center

Phone: 16661

Address: Ring Road, Katameya, Third district, New Cairo

Name: El Kamony Service Center


Address: Mahalla - El Kamouny Barn - old bus facility Street - in front of the oil and soap company.

Name: Abaza Service Center


Address: Block 155 - El hrafeen division - Ring Road

Name: New Car Service Center


Address: Ismailia - Nefisha - next to the condominium hope

Name: Ahmed Motors Service Center


Address: El Mona Tower Teraa S.T Front of the gate Al Sadr Hospital

Name: EGY Auto Service Center


Address: Tanta - Defra Highway Km 84 as Cairo / Alexandria Agricultural

Name: Modern Service Center


Address: 14 Joseph Tito st, El New Nozha - behind Cairo airport ,Heliopolis,Cairo

Name: Wahdan Service Center


Address: 51 El-Maragy St. El-Agouza Giza